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Adele Makes It Clear She Is No Fan Of Love Island: 'I Can't Bear That Show'


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Love Island might be one of the biggest TV hits of recent years, but one person who you will never catch watching it is is Adele.

The Easy On Me singer has made it clear she is no fan of the ITV2 reality series, saying she would rather watch David Attenborough documentaries.

In an interview with YouTuber Nikkie de Jager, Adele said of Love Island: “I can’t bear that show. My son’s dad loves stuff like that.

“I remember one time trying to get into it when I was home for a summer doing shows... I couldn’t believe it!

“She was like, ‘I hope my mum is proud of me,’ and I was like... They’re all having fucking sex on TV!”

Love Island host Laura Whitmore

When Nikkie explained the concept of a similar show called Temptation Island, where couples go onto an island and are split up and have to resist cheating, Adele said: “They voluntarily go on this show?! People will do anything to be famous, it’s insane.”

Speaking about the TV she does enjoy, Adele said: “I do watch mind-numbing TV, but if I have the urge to do it unnecessarily, I will watch something that I can actually learn from. Educational.”

She named David Attenborough documentaries and wildlife programmes as shows she likes to watch.

Watch the full interview with Adele below...