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Adele's Easy On Me Inspires Ridiculous New Meme Thanks To One Particular Part Of The Song


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Adele in her Easy On Me music video

Adele made her long-awaited return to the music scene after six years away with her new release Easy On Me on Friday – and it’s fair to say that the song has already received a big reaction online.

Not only has it already broken records on both Spotify and Amazon Music just 24 hours after its release, Adele has also been given the meme treatment thanks to her new new track.

As you can see below, one particular section of the song’s chorus almost immediately proved to be meme fodder for music fans on social media...

the smoke alarm when i've put my headphones in and forgotten about my chicken kiev pic.twitter.com/1nCTjoVcuP

— Ethan Harvey (@ethanharv) October 15, 2021

“This vehicle is reversing” pic.twitter.com/QV3MGqzSbl

👻 john lewis ad 🎃 (@_binbag) October 15, 2021

my washing machine when it reaches the end of the spin cycle pic.twitter.com/oy3m8e2HSf

— Hex 🧙🏻 (@glitterstrands) October 15, 2021

Adele hun, what’s the fifth letter of the alphabet again? pic.twitter.com/io6JOTx72I

— Liam (@LiamLambrini) October 15, 2021

The mosquito that keeps you up all night by buzzing somewhere in your room:pic.twitter.com/TdJ0CPDL6W

— Hugh McIntyre (@PopBangHugh) October 15, 2021

no one:

absolutely no one:

geordies before they tell you something exciting or shocking: pic.twitter.com/ArYB1wZ8kn

— CameroOOoOOOoon 👻 (@camruined) August 23, 2021

the Adele version: pic.twitter.com/LVifu7FBUv

— CameroOOoOOOoon 👻 (@camruined) October 15, 2021

Your Geordie nan when she sees how much you've grownpic.twitter.com/QE0BPRR0xW

— Antimalarkistische Aktion (@richardcoops) October 15, 2021

no one:

heidi range: pic.twitter.com/mU3cMczi3J

— wolf alex (@gothtacular) October 15, 2021

No one:

My ear for no reason: pic.twitter.com/VdhOp4R5rU

— ᴊᴀᴄᴋ 👑 ✨ (@JackDMurphy) October 15, 2021

And here are a selection of our favourite reactions to Easy On Me, starting with a suitably ridiculous post from Doncaster Council, of all accounts...

Unfortunately, as Adele’s video was clearly filmed within the confines of Doncaster metropolitan borough, she will be issued with a fixed penalty notice for littering immediately.

Despite repeated requests, we will not be going easy on her. @adele#EasyOnMepic.twitter.com/43SvqcjkMM

— Doncaster Council (@MyDoncaster) October 15, 2021

This is what #EasyOnMe was made for pic.twitter.com/4C9w80a4RZ

— j (@fka_j) October 15, 2021

This is how the next few weeks will look for me #Adelepic.twitter.com/8CbloMwnzo

— Matthew (@MatthewBrrown) October 15, 2021

Adele watching us all having breakdowns while we listen to #EasyOnMepic.twitter.com/DdQY6Kb8yx

— Eliott💥 (@YourDhad) October 14, 2021

me trying to sing along to the new Adele after only hearing the song one time pic.twitter.com/gSVFcoMqlP

— Ryan (@ryanntweets_) October 14, 2021

this transition in Adele's "Easy On Me" music video...The Wizard of Oz is shaking!!! pic.twitter.com/nJBrlwKgjJ

— Spencer Althouse (@SpencerAlthouse) October 14, 2021

It was Adele all along. #EasyOnMepic.twitter.com/Ju4KtZqbn6

— alias (@itsjustanotherx) October 15, 2021

Adele watching us all having breakdowns while we listen to #EasyOnMepic.twitter.com/DdQY6Kb8yx

— Eliott💥 (@YourDhad) October 14, 2021

Adele's got me missing people i havent even met yet😭😭 pic.twitter.com/byOSvtOaG4

— Muneeb (@15__Muneeb) October 15, 2021

Me pretending to be going through a divorce & listening to @Adele 😭😂 #EasyOnMepic.twitter.com/YoGMiB0LE4

— Rosemary (@RMasitabua) October 15, 2021

Me when Adele’s music video went from B&W to colour: #EasyOnMepic.twitter.com/DP83Yb2084

— adi (@adelified) October 14, 2021

Adele on set knowing she’s going to make millions from this record #EasyOnMepic.twitter.com/iTCryhtQ4v

— Reece (@reecewest1) October 14, 2021

Adele at the beginning of the easy on me video #Adelepic.twitter.com/f1YqsdvGDq

— sharon mitchells stunning weave (@sharon_weave) October 14, 2021

Adele first teased Easy On Me, and immediately inspired another popular meme thanks to the clip’s opening shot.

The Easy On Me music video references past clips from the Grammy-winning star, most notably her signature hits Rolling In The Deep and Hello.

Opening with a black-and-white shot of Adele talking on the phone outside a country house, the Someone Like You singer is later seen driving on an open road, and as the song progresses, the video eventually fills with colour.

Before the release, Adele gave two revealing interviews with the UK and US editions of Vogue magazine, in which she discussed everything from her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki to her recent weight loss.

She also opened up about her new album, 30, which will be unveiled next month, almost six years to the day after her most recent release, 25.

Watch the music video for Easy On Me below: