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Brexit may have begun but it is not over, indeed it may never be finished.

American family perception of Brexit


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My American family had to postpone our European vacation due to Covid, now that we are re-planning our vacation we have decided not to use the UK as our home base, which was the plan. Jumping from one country to another then back again won’t work with the UK as our home base since the UK decided to leave the EU, we don’t wish to waste time in customs. We have heard of the hospitality; food; healthcare, and other shortages in the UK, which is another reason we have crossed it off our list, all counties are experiencing some level of shortages, but the UK’s shortages are more extensive, and will be around longer. My teenage children no longer wish to visit the UK, because of the open hostility they see from it’s citizens towards..., well, anyone not English, right or wrong this is the perception . We will use Ireland as our home base since it’s English speaking, and in the EU. We are not for or against Brexit, we just thought some may like to know how it is affecting others.


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Hi, thanks for your contribution. However I am not sure that I understand why Britain's exit from the EU will effect our relationship with the US, which has traditionally been strong?