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News Roundup: A new Border Patrol outrage; Court gives date for arguments potentially ending Roe


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In the news today: Images of mounted Border Patrol agents attacking Haitian immigrants with whips are being met with revulsion in the non-deplorable parts of the nation; the White House has promised to investigate. The Supreme Court has set a date for arguments in the case that could well mean the end of legal abortion in many (Republican-held) states. And a ruling by the Senate parliamentarian is causing headaches for Democrats hoping to put immigration reforms alongside other must-pass budget items.

It's been a pretty grim news day all the way around. Here's some of what you may have missed:

Border Patrol agents on horseback attacked Haitian immigrants with what look like 'whips'

Supreme Court plans its next step in officially overturning Roe v. Wade

In immigration ruling, Senate parliamentarian makes clear where she stands: With Mitch McConnell

'This is a disgrace': Advocates slam Biden admin's appeal of ruling that dealt blow to Title 42

'Humanitarian crisis on the island': Lawmakers call on Biden admin to halt Haitian deportations

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