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No Plans To Follow Germany With Mandatory Vaccines, Says No10


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Prime Minister Boris Johnson receives his covid-19 booster jab

Downing Street today steered away from following the steps of Germany which has paved the way for mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations next year.

A spokesman for Boris Johnson insisted they had “no plans” to make vaccinations mandatory.

It comes after Germany announced sweeping new restrictions for unvaccinated people to curb the spread of coronavirus infections.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has described the measures as an “act of national solidarity” in response to a “very serious” situation in Germany.

Only those who have been jabbed or recently recovered from the virus will be allowed in restaurants, cinemas and many shops.

Asked if it could ever happen here, the spokesman replied: “We’ve set out our policy on this and we’ve said it’s not something that we would look to introduce.

“You’re aware of the changes we made in terms of social care settings and for NHS workers, given the importance of protecting the most vulnerable in our society. But there’s no plans above and beyond that, in that regard.”

Asked about separate lockdown measures for the unvaccinated, he said they would set out any changes in the usual way.

Pressed on the matter, he replied: “We have no plans to make vaccinations mandatory.

“You can look back at the restrictions we’ve had previously and the fact that we’ve never introduced something along those lines.

“Our priority is to continue to promote vaccinations and promote boosters now that we’re rolling out more and more boosters to more and more people, that is our priority.

“That’s our focus and that’s what we’re asking people to come forward and take.”

Pressed again, he replied: “I’ve been clear that we’re not looking at introducing compulsory vaccinations.”

Merkel has said that vaccinations could be made mandatory for Germans by February.

The country is experiencing its fourth wave of Covid - its most severe so far - coupled with concerns about the spread of the Omicron variant.