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The Funniest Tweets From The Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony


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The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are officially underway after a dazzling - if somewhat subdued - opening ceremony on Friday.

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka had the privilege of lighting the Olympic cauldron, kicking off just over two weeks of sporting excellence.

But before we get to the athletic prowess, Twitter had rather a lot to say about that opening ceremony...

For some reason, there was a LOT of interest in Tonga’s flag bearer...

***BREAKING*** TONGA HAS WON THE OLYMPICS. We can all go home now. #Olympicspic.twitter.com/6yngzDkDrl

🥕BeardedDonkey🥕 (@BeardeddonkeyTv) July 23, 2021

Is Tonga open for travel? Asking for a friend… #Olympics#OpeningCeremonypic.twitter.com/2Cgm91WdH5

— Chaz (@chazapher) July 24, 2021

The star of the Olympics opening ceremony was the shirtless, oily Tongan flag bearer 🔥👊pic.twitter.com/ET9Vyn92qB

— Franco (@FrancoandMarco) July 23, 2021

Rio 2016 ✅
PyeongChang 2018 ✅
Tokyo 2020✅

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 😎 #OpeningCeremony#Tokyo2020pic.twitter.com/wEN8eg08YW

— Olympics (@Olympics) July 23, 2021

Team USA’s outfits, designed by Ralph Lauren, weren’t quite as big a hit...

Ah the #Olympics and Ralph Lauren’s Team USA 🇺🇸 outfits patriotically scream “I’d like to speak to your manager!” #OurOlympiansArentKarensRalphpic.twitter.com/clildZGiTO

— Amy Has Been Vaccinated! 🌎❤️😷🏳️‍🌈🌊 (@amyOscorpio) July 23, 2021

Why do the Team USA outfits look like they'd report you to HR for cursing pic.twitter.com/ZjsBKcFAGb

— Molly Mulshine (@mollymulshine) July 23, 2021

They’re all dressed like Damien from “the omen“ -OG version

— GrrArggh (@DejectedKat) July 23, 2021

Me, looking at the Ralph Lauren Olympic uniform look book. pic.twitter.com/nP7LOksnDE

— Gregg Favre (@GreggFavre) July 23, 2021

People complaining about Ralph Lauren 2020 Olympic outfits clearly don’t remember this ghastly abomination from 2014. pic.twitter.com/PnGfGlsKMd

— Christina Terry (@_ChristinaTerry) July 23, 2021

The Italian team’s raised a few eyebrows too...

Yikes the Italy outfits look like upside down pacmen?? #OpeningCeremony

— Kelly Lawler (@klawls) July 23, 2021

Italy rockin the pizza delivery outfits #OpeningCeremony

— Dean Koorey (@deankoorey) July 23, 2021

With all the fashion designers in Italy you’d think their #Olympics outfit will come harder than this 🤧

— Sleeping 파이닷 (@fabfaidat) July 23, 2021

And Latvia’s outfits were giving people major retro style vibes...

Latvia bringing back the 80s #OpeningCeremony#Olympics#Olympics2021pic.twitter.com/Zpg4NJu3rv

— Quintilis Kattius (@katsterevin) July 24, 2021

The pictograms were a huge hit...

The Olympics pictograms bit was one of the coolest #OpeningCeremony things ever pic.twitter.com/Vf7oueq0cs

— Thomas Schlarp (@TSchlarp) July 23, 2021

One even rocked up to the press conference...

Human pictograms don't do days off. #Tokyo2020#OpeningCeremonypic.twitter.com/kDUHI8eLfj

— Olympics (@Olympics) July 24, 2021

The inclusion of video game music was a hit... with gamers

Gamers watching the Olympics when they hear all these video game music being played that they know. pic.twitter.com/BWi6iHNooC

— Maku (@TropicalMaku) July 23, 2021

And don’t tell Gal Gadot, but...

When Gal Gadot watched the #OpeningCeremony and saw them singing “Imagine”…#Tokyo2020pic.twitter.com/C0t1H9b6jA

— A L E V E N X I (@alevenxi) July 23, 2021

But it all proved too much for some...

Hang in there! ☕️

We're over halfway there! #OpeningCeremony#Tokyo2020 | #UnitedByEmotion | #StrongerTogether | #Olympicspic.twitter.com/ZsHYZ9sTn5

— #Tokyo2020 (@Tokyo2020) July 23, 2021