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The writing is on the wall: Book bans are yet another fascist attempt at control


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You can’t spell “book ban” without “fascism.” Well, I suppose you can, but will our children learn that? During the first half of the 2022-2023 school year, far-right extremists had implemented at least 1,477 book bans, with thousands more challenged. That equates to over 100 titles removed each month, and the number continues to grow.

These book bans are targeting stories about people of color and LGBTQ individuals. They range from books about civil rights hero Rosa Parks to children’s books about two male penguins raising a chick together. They even include the poem Amanda Gorman read at President Joe Biden's inauguration. (In the complaint about Gorman’s book, it listed the author as Oprah Winfrey. That sure doesn’t sound like a careful reader!)

A vast majority of parents oppose book bans, and some teachers and publishing houses are fighting back to protect the freedom of students to access books without bigoted bans. But the fascist-front of banning continues.

We must rise together and let them know we see them and demand an immediate cessation of book bans.

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As the nightmare continues, far-right extremists are forcing “wholesale bans” that close libraries entirely when wide swaths of books are challenged. Even when books are eventually returned to the shelves, they are unavailable during arduous and slow review processes.

These book bans are glaring alarms for fascist pushes in GOP-led states. The ostracizing and demonization of racial and ethnic minorities and vulnerable communities and the altering of reality and the truth are core components of fascist and authoritarian regimes that are used to obtain and keep power. Everyone deserves to have their story told and see themselves represented.

Not to get too cliche, but wasn’t the goal of the totalitarian government in “Fahrenheit 451” to instill an emotionless, thoughtless society that would comply? Are we not learning from such dystopian examples that this is fascism directly installed in a democratic government, or has that book been banned too?

This is an action to take to make it known: We see you. We see the racist, homophobic fuel of your messaging to “scare” your constituents into supporting things like book bans and driving this attempt to persuade your voters to walk quietly into your fascist government. We will defend our right to read!

Sign the petition: Stop book bans! Defend the right to read.